International Conference

Technological Educational Vision

Prague, Czech Republic

December 4, 2020
Dear participants,

we are pleased to invite you
to the International Conference "Technological Educational Vision" (TEDUVIS) in Prague!

Education is an integral part of every person's life. The goal of our conference is to bring together a community of theorists, practitioners and developers in order to consider new ways to modernize education at all levels!


Сonference partners
Laurent Moccozet
Ph.D. in Economic and Social Sciences, Researcher at the Computer Science Centre
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Andrey Bayadzhan
Inventor, founder, CEO
D Notation, USA
Panfilova Alvina
Doctor of Education, Professor
Herzen University (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Scientific and Main Program Committee
Alexandra Zelko
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Education
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia
Natallia Dauhiala
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Historical Sciences,
Polotsk State University, Belarus
Lyubov Larchenko
Professor, D.Sc. in Economics
Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I.Herzen, Russia
Lilia Șargu
Associate professor, Ph.D. in Economics
University of European Studies of Moldova, Republic of Moldova
Natalya Lesnevskaya
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Economics
Belarusian State Economic University, Belarus
Lyudmila Kasimanova
Professor, Ph.D. in Education
Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen, Russia
Laurent Moccozet
Ph.D. in Economic and Social Sciences, Researcher at the Computer Science Centre
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Aleksandra Sergienko
Ph.D. in Education, Researcher
Institute of Education Management of the Russian Academy of Education, Russia
Name of sections and subsections
Technological developments:
- technologies in early education;
- technologies in primary and secondary education;
- technologies in art and music education;
- technologies in high school.
The progress of theory and practice in education:
- new pedagogical models;
- assessment of teaching and learning;
- classroom management;
- education service, modern library service.
Article Requirements
Registrants are invited to submit their papers for review through the easychair manager system.
Please note: You must register for the conference through the easychair manager system in order to be considered for participation. Papers received from anyone who has not registered to attend the conference will not be considered.

Manuscript structure
The manuscript should follow the IMRaD format
Materials and methods
Origin, Motivation and Contribution
Please note that papers must be original research manuscripts, never published before, and not under consideration for publication in any other conference proceeding (journal etc.). All papers are supposed to present novel research results of international interest. All papers should be in the range of 5-8 pages. The references to related work must be appropriate. The list of references should include 20 sources at least minimum. Papers need to be related to the main topic of the conference and conference's topic fields. We publish papers written in good English only.
Please read the detailed Elsevier Publication Ethics (based on Elsevier recommendations and COPE's Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors). If a paper contains figures or tables taken from other sources, the author must get the respective permission for reproduction them from the corresponding publishers.
Number of authors in a single paper is 6 persons maximum. One person can be the author of not more than 2 articles. The corresponding author is the person chosen within the group to be responsible for all contact and correspondence with the periodical. The corresponding author should ensure that all appropriate co-authors (and no one inappropriate co-authors) are included on the paper, and that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper and have agreed to its submission for publication.
Important dates
Cost information
For full payment early bird
(until July 31, 2020)
For full payment
(after July 31, 2020)
Reduced fee payment for students
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Accompanying person
Technical operator of the Conference is Business Communication Center s.r.o., Prague
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